Top 25 Christmas Ideas Gifts for Every Type of Brother

Shopping for your sibling can be hard. You might be more familiar with your brother than anyone else. And, given that you’ve known them for most of your life, you can only come up with many gift ideas before you start repeating yourself. So, call in the experts when a gift card seems like it needs to be more special.

Consider this ultimate list of gift ideas for your bro, no matter what he likes. Perhaps he’s a teen boy who enjoys tech gadgets and video games, or he’s a college student who could benefit from a new backpack or running shoes. Perhaps your brother is a recent college graduate who enjoys entertaining and needs assistance stocking his new kitchen and bar cart. Whatever the case, we’ve got plenty of great gift ideas for brothers of all ages and personalities. With a list of the top 25 best gifts for brothers to guide you, you’re sure to find something he’ll treasure for a lifetime. He may even start referring to you as his favorite sibling!

Adjustable Dumbells

These adjustable dumbbell weights are ideal if he needs more room at home for a full-fledged gym. One dumbbell provides him with four weight options he can easily switch between throughout his workout. That is, he will be able to work all his muscles with a single, small piece of equipment.

Beard Bib

Part joke, part serious gift. This tarp for catching beard trimmings is passive-aggressive and perfect for a gift if you and your brother share a bathroom.

Superstar Shoes

Classic Adidas sneakers will be his favorite pair, so prepare to buy him a new pair for his next birthday. And with this style, you have a million different colorways to choose from that suit his vibe.

ESPN Subscription

Even if you waited until the last minute (oops), an ESPN+ subscription would give your brother a year’s worth of games, originals, news, scores, tournaments, exclusives, and more.

Commuter Shirt

A dress shirt that can be worn for any occasion (wedding, office, night out—the list goes on) will last a long time in his closet. Even if he’s not a fashionista, he’ll appreciate how this lightweight shirt has anti-odor technology to keep him fresh all day.

Wireless Charging Pad

His favorite Apple products can all be charged on a single pad! He’ll never have to purchase wire chargers again.

Electronics Bag

This travel bag can hold multiple chargers, cables, batteries, and an iPad. It’s a perfect gift for a brother who can’t leave the house without his electronics.

Manscaped Tool Box

This premium set will replace his regular hair trimmer. It includes everything he needs to stay nice, neat, and trim, including a nose and ear trimmer, a four-piece nail kit, a single-blade razor, a below-the-waist trimmer, and a handsome leather toiletry pouch to keep it all together.

Phantos Sunglasses

Your bro will be the most stylish guy in the room with a pair of tortoiseshell frames and polarised lenses. And who knows, you might end up stealing these down the road.

Coffee Subscription

With this personalized coffee subscription, you can deliver artisan coffee right to his front door for around $22 per biweekly delivery. He’ll be drinking beans (or freshly ground coffee) from around the world.

Complete Beard Kit

If your brother has a beard, he’ll need this set of grooming products to keep it looking good. He’ll find a cleanser, detangler, conditioning oil, and balm inside the gift box to keep his chin hairs soft and shiny.

Meat Thermometer

An instant thermometer is essential for any grill pro (or aspiring grill pro) to ensure everything is perfectly cooked. And you can be the new favorite sibling for less than $15.

JBL Wireless Headphones

He’ll love these earbuds if he’s a runner, a soccer player, or just an active guy. These little wireless guys are the ideal workout accessory with a battery life of more than 30 hours.

Personal Whiskey Set

After all the cocktails he’s shaken and stirred, your family’s honorary bartender deserves the best. Decorate his bar cart with this personalized glassware set, which includes a whiskey decanter and two glasses. Add a bottle of whiskey for good measure.

Beard Conditioner

Thanks to this beard conditioner, you won’t feel the pain of his prickly beard the next time he hugs you. In addition to its softening and nourishing properties, this hydrating treatment has a subtle woodsy scent.

Sonic Massager Gun

If he enjoys working out, he’ll love this deep tissue massager. With eight different massage heads and five massage speeds, this handy tool provides pain relief for any ailment.

Plaid Scarf

A chic buffalo check scarf serves as a warm reminder of your sibling’s love. It’s ideal for the brother who prefers to walk to work in the winter or is too stubborn to purchase his scarf.

Mini Flashlight

He won’t have to go out of his way to get a flashlight for his next camping trip. It fits in your palm, shines 223 feet ahead, and runs on a single 1 AA battery.

Solid Black Tie

Is it true that he always wears jeans and a T-shirt? Then a classic skinny tie might be the perfect gift for him because, let’s be honest; he doesn’t have anything for those fancier black tie occasions.

Air Pod Leather Case

Since you already know he wants a pair of AirPods, you should keep his new gadget in good working order. He can store his headphones in this stylish leather case to save them scratch-free, then clip the matter to his backpack, keychain, or belt loop.

Brown Leather Boot

Chic footwear, such as these suede boots, can completely transform chinos and a simple T-shirt. They come in various colors, so you’ll surely find something he’ll adore.

DIY Watchmaking Kit

If your brother enjoys doing things with his hands, he’ll appreciate this gift idea. This Miyota 8215 takes about 2 hours to assemble and comes with all the tools you need to try your hand at horology.

Leather Journal

A good journal is something that every person should have. Your brother will have a place to keep all his favorite memories and deep thoughts in this leather-bound book personalized with his initials.

Leather Wallet

His grade school wallet could use a rest. Give him this stylish leather bi-fold wallet with all his cash and credit cards.

Adidas Hoodie

This hoodie will keep your brother looking stylish during the winter months. Be careful- once he realizes your fantastic sense of style, he may have you design his entire wardrobe.

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