The 20 Best Christmas Gifts for Your Husband 2022

Finding the ideal present for your husband becomes more difficult the longer you have been married. We don’t blame you if you’re out of ideas—there are birthday presents, anniversary presents, and holidays like Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas. However, there is still hope: even if he insists he has everything he needs, we’ve compiled the greatest presents for all kinds of husbands. We have top-selling gifts for men and tried-and-true recommendations from our experts. We’re sure you’ll find a unique gift idea here to surprise your husband on Christmas morning and beyond, whether he’s a techie, sports fan, movie buff, or beer drinker.

You can choose a sentimental and romantic gift or something valuable and practical. Here are the 20 best Christmas gift ideas for your husband.

Troubadour Pioneer Backpack

He’ll need the appropriate bag to carry to the Bahamas, the airport, and the office. The Pioneer backpack by Troubadour was created with a focus on contemporary minimalism, durability, waterproofness, and several practical hidden pockets.

SoundBot Shower Speaker

Contributing author Rio Viera-Newton of The Strategist takes long showers, deep conditions her double-processed hair, and performs her body care routine of cleansing, exfoliating, and shaving. She purchased this speaker to beat boredom. The SoundBot performs as you would expect it to, even though the sound quality isn’t Sonos-level. It gets rather loud, and you can plainly hear music or podcasts playing.

Soft Sweatpants

Beautiful loungewear is almost always a welcome gift. These trendy, well-reviewed sweatpants will quickly become a weekend wardrobe staple. They’re constructed of the brand’s distinctive Ace fabric and have a modern, tailored fit for a polished lounge style. The only issue is picking one of the 13 colours for your hubby.

Soft Hoodie

Still stumped to figure out what to get your husband for the holidays? This buttery-soft hoodie strikes the perfect balance of functionality and comfort. Outdoor Voices knows good athleisure—but don’t just take our word for it; read all five-star reviews for yourself. This popular choice is made from the brand’s distinctive CloudKnit fabric, lightweight, breathable, and delightfully wrinkle-resistant.

Indoor Smart Garden

Your spouse can use the outdoor area to produce his vegetables and herbs, at least not with this helpful gift idea. He may gather fresh vegetables directly off his countertop. It only takes a few mouse clicks. With an app-controlled grow light and space for nine plant pods, the Smart Garden 9 PRO is Click & Grow’s coolest device yet. Your husband can brighten the room with flowers, grow salad leaves and vegetables, and create delectable garnishes for your favourite meals.

Personal Home Projector

If your spouse enjoys watching movies, give him a projector to let him recreate great cinema experiences at home. This high-tech gift includes built-in speakers and comes with a remote and tripod for easy streaming. It will allow him to see movies on the big screen that he has never seen before, such as his favourite old Westerns or the original Star Wars films.

Craft Beer Subscription

This unique present gives your guy access to the best breweries throughout the country. He can now go brewery hopping from the comfort of his home. With each shipment, he’ll receive four different beer styles from independent craft breweries across the United States.

WFH Lamp

Dyson has pulled it out of the bag yet again as if its vacuum cleaners and air purifiers weren’t already among the best on the market. Your husband will never use another lamp after experiencing the enchantment of this high-tech light. The Lightcycle task light cleverly mimics natural daylight, reducing eye strain and supporting his body clock. The sleek design allows him to easily adjust the lamp to his liking—the arm moves vertically, horizontally, and 360 degrees.

Cast Iron Mini Pizza Grill

It’s always challenging to decide what to have for dinner. Who could pick between freshly baked pizza and exquisitely grilled fare? We’re here to help your husband with that difficulty. This cool personal pizza maker is intended for grilling miniature 7-inch pizzas. Prepare to be wowed by the perfect crispy pizza crust.

MasterClass Membership

This present is for the man who enjoys learning new things. MasterClass is an online streaming platform designed for curious minds. With an annual membership, your husband will have access to hundreds of classes conducted by the world’s greatest specialists. In one location, he can take music lessons from Timbaland, cooking lessons from Gordon Ramsay, and tennis lessons from Serena Williams. It’s undoubtedly one of the most unusual Christmas or birthday gifts for your husband.

Sporting Event Tickets

Looking for a last-minute gift for your husband’s birthday or holiday? Tickets for events can be purchased and printed at home in minutes. Pick up a pair of tickets to a sporting event on Ticketmaster for the #1 NBA, NFL, NHL, or MLB fan in your life. It’s quick and simple, and it builds anticipation for game day.

BlendJet Portable Blender

Whether it’s protein shakes at the gym or margaritas at the beach (or both), the BlendJet allows your spouse to make his favourite drinks whenever and wherever he wants. What more could he want from a blender? It’s portable, powerful, wireless, and self-cleaning.

Beats Runner Earbuds

Looking for a unique gift for your husband, who is a runner? With the Beats Fit Pro, he can upgrade his fitness technology. There are numerous reasons why people prefer these running earbuds. For starters, the cleverly designed wingtips keep them in place. Second, the battery lasts six hours with active noise cancelling turned on, so they’ll go a long time between charges. Last but not least, Beats Fit Pro features spatial audio.

BARTESIAN Premium Cocktail Machine

One of the coolest gadgets you can get for a man who considers the art of concoction his religion. Bartesian is a home cocktail maker that will simplify his at-home mixology: simply insert a cocktail capsule, select strengths, press mix, and start guzzling.

Yummly Smart Thermometer

Consider upgrading his most-used goods for the husband, who appears to have everything. This sophisticated instrument is far superior to a standard meat thermometer. It connects to an app that assists him in determining the ideal temperature for whatever he’s cooking. Preset programmes take the guesswork out of cooking good food.

Darn Tough Cushion Socks

Keep his toes warm with these socks from Darn Tough, a brand with a hilarious name but an apt description of their socks. They’ve been on numerous hikes, snowshoeing expeditions, winter storms, and trips through the wash.

Cool Trucker Jacket

This jacket is pricey, but momentous occasions necessitate lavish gifts. With this fantastic jacket, you may help your husband celebrate a birthday, a promotion, or an anniversary. The waxed outerwear from Flint and Tinder is quite popular. Aside from its good looks, this practical jacket is warm, weather-resistant, soft inside, and has plenty of pockets. The best part is that the coat improves with age.

Maldon Sea Salt Bucket

Gourmand-approved Maldon salt is ideal for seasoning a medium-rare steak or a sheet pan of roasted vegetables. Tonne Goodman, a Vogue sustainability editor, purchased the bucket for her “salt obsessive” brother-in-law, who is a bit of a chef.

Solo Stove Smokeless Bonfire

This best-selling, low-smoke fire pit will quickly turn his backyard into the ultimate hangout spot, making all of his friends envious. There’s a reason Solo Stove is a popular choice for fire pits. They are designed for a quick and easy startup and low-smoke burn. The fire pit is also completely portable, weighing only 20 pounds.

On Cloud Running Shoes

These popular sneakers are both visually appealing and functional. After experiencing On’s lightweight and cushioned footwear technology, he’ll change his mind. They’re made of 44% recycled materials and feature On’s time-saving speed-lacing system, making them ideal for all-day wear.

Oculus VR Headset

This high-tech headset is a must-have if you genuinely want to amaze your hubby. His Occulus Quest 2 virtual reality headset is his gateway to the intriguing metaverse and a new gaming universe. It’s also lightweight and comfortable to wear. He’ll want to show it off to his friends immediately, so don’t be surprised if the next gaming night is at your house.

FLIKR Personal Concrete Fireplace

For the husband who prefers to be nifty and a little bit vibe-y rather than gushy and lovey-dovey when it comes to romance. One example is a personal fireplace. It’ll keep him warmer and safer than candles, provide a fire show, and allow him to melt or grill food over it.

Subtle Silver Chain

This understated silver chain is a thoughtful gift for your husband that he can wear daily. The simple necklace can be tucked beneath his T-shirt or worn over the top for a touch of bling. It’s made of 925 sterling silver rhodium-plated for shine and durability.

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