21 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens They Love to Receive

It can be challenging to choose the best gifts for teens as you get older can be difficult, and it makes you wonder what kids are interested in nowadays. But that doesn’t mean you should give up and hand every teen in your life a cash envelope. It’s impossible to categorise Zoomers as a single entity, so don’t shop as if you’re trying to impress everyone. Consider this: maybe you’re shopping for your little sister who is going viral on TikTok, a college freshman, or your friend’s outdoorsy kids. Whatever your situation, there are plenty of one-of-a-kind gift ideas to impress teen boys, girls, and those who don’t fit into either category.

Everything boils down to quality, style, and cool factor. In other words, anything that makes them stand out, and this gift guide will help you narrow down your options. Shop the 21 best gifts for teens below, which range from foolproof tech to cute stocking stuffers.

Sharp Water Bottle

Teens should always carry a reusable water bottle. The 22-ounce Takeya Actives, one of our favourite water bottles, has a wide mouth that makes it easy to add ice. The Takeya bottle keeps drinks cold for extended periods and has an easy-to-drink spout lid.

Professional Printing 3D Pen

This pen, a great gift for a creative teen who loves to draw, allows them to take their artwork off the page, churning out 3D animals, flowers, vehicles, and whatever else they can think of. It has two speeds, unlike other 3D printing pens, and it has two rates: one for filling larger areas and one for more intricate and abstract works of art.

Huckberry Sunglasses

These lightweight sunglasses are suitable for all face shapes, polarised for crystal-clear vision in bright light, and reasonably priced, so if they break or go missing, it’s not a tragedy.

Lululemon Tank Top

This buttery soft, weightless, and sleek top is so comfortable and easy to wear that she won’t want to take it off. It also contours to the body for customised support and is TikTok-approved, making it even more appealing in her eyes.

Spotify Premium

We’re not surprised that two freshmen mentioned wanting Spotify Premium because every third song is interrupted by an ad. This card is redeemable for a full year of the streaming service, allowing your music lover to jam out without interruption.

Adidas Originals Beanie

Here’s a useful gift that one senior told us he’d like to receive this year. He explained that his Carhartt beanie from last winter has worn out and that this Adidas one is his style these days. It appears that he was properly raised.

Hydration Station

A soda maker can quench a teen’s thirst for carbonated drinks while reducing the use of bottles and cans. The best soda maker is SodaStream’s Fizzi OneTouch, and it’s simple to use and produces delicious sparkling water with less carbonation than desired.

Nintendo Switch

The popularity of the Nintendo Switch has skyrocketed. And, given the console’s portability, we predict it will continue to sell like hotcakes, potentially causing stock shortages. In other words, get this one right away.

Water Resistant Chelsea Boots

A sole lug shoe is trendy, and this waterproof version turns the trend rain boot into a practical rain boot. (And the pull-on style makes it simple to put on and take off.)

Personal Safety Alarm

When activated, it emits a piercing alarm and flashes a strobe light, making it an excellent gift for your favourite teen or the entire family. And it works for 40 minutes straight, so you can rest assured that this siren will protect them during multiple close calls.

Nylon Backpack

This fashionable find is both attractive and functional. They can use it to transport a laptop to school or save it for weekend fun.

Perfect Baby Tee

If you’re at a loss for what to get a teen, visit the Urban Outfitters website and purchase whatever is receiving positive feedback. To begin, this cropped T-shirt is a sure bet.

Kodak Instant Camera

They already have their phone to take photos, but this Kodak camera will instantly print any picture on sticky paper for them to hang.

Custom Headphone Stand

Personalise this wooden headphone stand with his name, nickname, or another short phrase appropriate for your gamer, DJ, or music lover. Keep the wood in its natural state, or paint it in one of 15+ colours, including glow-in-the-dark.

Swiss Army Pocket Knife

In his version of the Boy Scouts’ motto, “Be prepared,” one outdoorsy teen wants to take this Swiss Army knife hiking, trail running, and camping. This knife has a can opener, a Phillips screwdriver, and other features in addition to a 2.45-inch blade.

Fluffy Shoulder Bag

The most fashionable teenagers will recognise this bag. Variations of this fluffy bag can be found all over TikTok, but this black and white floral design is versatile enough to go with any style — edgy, girly, or somewhere in between.

Portable Charger

This handheld charger can charge your teen’s smartphone and other devices, such as an iPad or small laptop, allowing them to stay in touch, turn in papers on time, or never worry about a 5% battery life.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch SE is our new pick in our upcoming update to our kid’s smartwatch guide. You can use your iPhone to track your child’s location and exchange text messages and emojis. You can also control your child’s smartwatch usage with the Schooltime and Screen Time apps.

Mini Fridge

They can fill it with soda cans or store their skincare products, such as face masks, creams, and ice rollers, which work best when cold. This top-rated mini fridge’s illuminated mirror on the front door is a nice touch.

Beast Blender

This ingenious blender is stylish and functional, as your teen can screw a spout top on the blending vessel and use the handle to transport their blended breakfast or after-school snack.

Airlift Leggings

Athletes could always use another pair of leggings for their next workout, and we’re sure they’ve been eyeing this luxe pair from cool-kid activewear label Alo.

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