17 Cool Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids They Definitely Love

Keep going if you’ve ever struggled to find the best gifts for babies, toddlers, teenagers, or even 20-somethings. Choosing the right toy, game, or book for children can be difficult, even for their parents. We can help you get a head start on your holiday shopping if you’re short on time or working with a tight budget. Christmas Gift Ideas has a great selection at a variety of discount price points, from the hottest new toys out this year to old favorites from years past. We’ve compiled a list of 17 fantastic toys for kids of all ages.

Blanket Forts

It’s like you’ve never seen blanket forts before! Instead of draping sheets over your saggy couch cushions, use these rods and connectors, which allow families to construct more complex structures. Please keep in mind that you must provide your own sheets.

Kids Sewing Kit

Kids can keep themselves entertained by creating new DIY projects to decorate their rooms. There are 12 different designs, including a unicorn, a turtle, a bee, a butterfly, and a few different yarn color combinations.

Tracing Pad

The kit includes over 100 traceable images that kids can mix and match to create their own designs, and the backlight makes tracings visible in any light. A graphite pencil, 12 colored pencils, ten tracing sheets, and ten blank sheets are included.

Arts and Crafts Supply Library

Crafty kids will appreciate having this stash stashed away in a closet for a rainy day or to have on hand when inspiration strikes. It includes over 1,000 pieces, such as craft sticks, pom poms, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, beads, jewels, and tools.

Building Blocks

These colorful blocks babies can chew, squeeze, and stack are one of her favorite infant toys. They’re also excellent for toddlers practicing their numbers and letters.

Creator Cam

You can either fight the inevitable or embrace it with this cool toy that allows kids to make their own videos and add special effects like different backgrounds. But don’t worry, parents: this one is internet-free, giving you complete control over who sees the finished product.

Untamed Raptor

This guy is part of the Untamed line of interactive toys from the makers of Fingerlings, but he’s much more ferocious: This untamed dino will hiss, growl, or roar in response to your touch until you pet it to calm it down.

Learning Pot

The Fun Learning Pot is a fun, hands-on way for toddlers and preschoolers to learn about colors, numbers, and foods while they play. Chop the snap-apart vegetables and place them in the pot to make delectable “recipes” like rainbow soup.

Interactive Earth

An interactive globe allows your child to learn more about the world from the comfort of their own home. The globe’s companion app allows your child to scan the globe and learn fun facts about the planet’s cultures and ecosystems, as well as play games and go on scavenger hunts around the world.

Spotify Premium

Your teen wants to relax and hang out with her friends, but it’s difficult when every third song is interrupted by an advertisement. This card is redeemable for a full year of the streaming service, allowing your music lover to jam out without interruption.

Frenzy Tattoos

Skip the barely-there temporary tats in favor of these artsy (and elegant) options—the brightly colored butterflies will be the perfect addition to their summer or back-to-school looks.

Block Set

This block set is pricey, but it will last them from toddlerhood to elementary school. It is not only shaped to stack, but it also has a ramp, a sorter, magnetic pieces, threading pieces, and sticks, allowing them to build horizontally as well as vertically. It also includes information on how children use blocks at various developmental stages.

Pull-back Vehicles 

The fact that you can rev up the wheels and race them around the house is what makes these soft cars and trucks so entertaining. They are a school bus, a car, a fire truck, and a police car, and many people will enjoy them because they are fast, make little noise, and do not damage walls or furniture.

Bright Fairy Friends

These are adorable little dolls that come in their own fairy jar. Each doll has light-up wings and six different fairy surprises, such as glitter jars and hair clips. You never know which BFF you’ll get, so kids will undoubtedly want to collect them all.

Skylar Fashion Doll

Skylar stands out among the other fashion dolls thanks to her vibrant blue hair. Skylar is a doll from The Fresh Dolls line, known for dolls with realistic face sculpts, real hair textures, and numerous points of articulation to allow for various poses.


Children who are interested in birds, bees, and the natural world will appreciate the gift of specially designed binoculars. These lightweight, colorful binoculars are simple to use and come with a neck strap to prevent dropping them. Combine them with a bird sticker book and see how many of their feathered friends they can recognize.

Nerf Gun

Give your child a competitive edge by purchasing our favorite Nerf gun, the Nerf Elite 2.0 Commander. Whether they like to shoot targets or compete with their friends, the Commander will give them the upper hand—and it’s a lot of fun.

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