15 Best Last-Minute Gifts for Your Christmas Holiday List

People who procrastinate aren’t the only ones who end up buying last-minute gifts. Even if you’re always on top of things, special occasions have a way of sneaking up on you, which is why last-minute gift ideas come in handy. If you’re shopping for last-minute Christmas gifts, there’s no need to apologise or make an excuse. We will not pass judgement because life interferes. We’ve compiled a list of last-minute gifts that anyone in your life is sure to appreciate — from gifts for your mom and dad to ideas for your boss or best friend — and they don’t have to be impersonal.

Allow us to share some of our favourite last-minute Christmas gift ideas for our fellow travellers. Order quickly and rest assured that they will arrive on time. Just don’t wait too long—as you may have heard, supply chain issues are slowing everything down.

Homesick scented candle

Even your most well-travelled friend will occasionally find themselves stranded with no upcoming trips (especially in this day and age). Bring the experience to them when these times arrive. Homesick Candles appeal to our most emotional sense, as well as our sense of smell, from our favourite places—cities such as Dallas and Philadelphia, as well as countries such as France for the homesick ex-pats out there. This is a thoughtful last-minute Christmas gift, in my opinion.

Electric air fryer

An air fryer is the ideal last-minute gift for anyone on your list. This inexpensive one is simple to use and will instantly make any recipient feel like a chef. It won’t take up much space on their counter and can be used to quickly prepare meals—throw anything from frozen food to wings to seafood in there.

Stainless steel hot mug

This mug is the best travel mug for keeping your loved one’s drinks hot and preventing leaks, whether they commute across town or shuffle to their home office in the living room. Even after eight hours in the harsh environment of a freezer, the Zojirushi kept liquids significantly hotter than any other mug we tested.

Vitruvi stone diffuser

If you know someone who has recently moved or wants to make their bedroom more spa-like, this diffuser is ideal because it also functions as a piece of home decor. Diffusers make every room more relaxing and assist you in unwinding after a long day at work. This one is quiet and features an automatic safety shut-off as well as an optional LED light.

Insta retro camera

Smartphone cameras take excellent photos, but those images then collect virtual dust in the camera roll until they are forgotten. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9, our budget pick for the best instant camera, offers high-quality photos at a reasonable price and comes in a variety of bright, fun colours, so it will look cute while capturing precious memories.

Bose noise-cancelling earbuds

Earbuds are an everyday necessity for travellers, commuters, and gym goers alike, but they’re not something most people want to spend money on upgrading. These noise-cancelling earbuds have a six-hour battery life and eliminate outside distractions. The charging case provides an additional 12 hours of battery life, and they are sweat-resistant, making them an excellent gift for fitness enthusiasts.

Lianyu travel utensils set

As the importance of sustainability in travel grows, people are looking beyond reusable straws to other single-use plastics such as utensils. Set them up with this all-inclusive kit, which includes two types of reusable straws (with cleaning pipes), a fork, a knife, a spoon, and chopsticks. The tools are made of stainless steel, and the pouch is flat and soft, making them convenient to transport.

Criterion subscription

A subscription to The Criterion Channel gives you access to some of the most critically acclaimed films of all time, with a library spanning over 100 years and every corner of the globe. It’s the ideal gift for the movie buff in your life who has exhausted Netflix’s offerings or who would appreciate diving into a comprehensive collection of titles fit for any MFA student.

Keurig coffee maker

A Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker is the ideal gift for coffee enthusiasts who are always on the go. This one is ideal for small spaces and brews coffee quickly. Its sleek design saves more counter space than traditional Keurigs and other coffee machines.

Book subscription

If you’re looking for a gift for a bookworm, a book subscription box will send them a new literary treat each month. For those who don’t want to be overwhelmed by choices, Book of the Month provides readers with a selection of five recently released hardcovers. The selections are always books that were released during the month in which they are included, and they cover a wide range of genres to keep the recipient interested.

Parlovable in-home slippers

Any homebody in your life would adore a pair of these cosy slippers. These criss-cross slippers, available in white, black, pink, turquoise, caramel, and other colours, are ideal for lounging while working from home. With an open toe, they’re breathable while still keeping feet warm and comfortable all winter.

Sunrise alarm

Waking up can be difficult, especially when each morning feels like another poorly scripted, dystopian rewrite of Groundhog Day. A sunrise alarm clock can help with the process. The Philips SmartSleep, our top pick, nudges your giftee awake with an artificial sunrise designed to mimic the light of a sunny day. When it reaches its maximum brightness, it emits one of five non-aggressive alarm options.

Cocktail shaker set

With this inexpensive cocktail shaker set, you can make your friends and family feel like bartenders at home. A 24-ounce martini shaker, muddler, jigger, strainer, mixer spoon, tongs, corkscrew, two liquor pourers, and recipe cards are included. The bamboo stands also serve as decorative pieces, allowing your giftee to transform their kitchen into a cocktail bar.

Unova duffel bag

This foldable duffel bag is ideal for weekend getaways or as a carry-on. It checks all the boxes: it’s water resistant, versatile, and slides onto luggage to give you hands-free travel. When not in use, it folds up into a small pocket for easy storage.

Foldable laptop tray

With so many people still working from home (or on Airbnb), lap trays are more useful than ever. This one holds a laptop, coffee, a small keyboard, a notepad, and other office necessities. Working from your bed has never been easier.

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